We form the beauty of wine together with vine-growers. Collection of grapes, harvest picking and many other details that determine how the wine will sparkle in the glass is the result of tight teamwork of vine-growers and winery. For this reason we dare to say that our wine as a result of inseparable collective work of a wine-grower and a vintner opened up the most beautiful vineyards to Slovakia.

The company found a reliable supplier in wine region of Male Karpaty in PD Čachtice. This region is very good for variety of white wines such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon, Tramín červený and Chardonnay. Must-weight level in the grapes is very high, wines have full taste with intensive aroma, are distinctively extractive with pleasant acids.

Grapes of blue varieties such as Frankovka modrá, Cabernet Sauvignon, Svätovavrinecké are grown in PD Mojmírovce in wine region of Nitra. These wines excel with their complexity, freshness, decent aroma and character of variety. We found other reliable suppliers of grapes in winery villages Dolné Orešany, Vinodol and Rubáň wine region South Slovakia.
This is the warmest wine region in Slovakia. Must-weight level of the local grapes is above average. Such grapes are used largely for production of quality wines with
special attributes. Most significant representation belongs to Rizling vlašský, Rizling rýnsky, Devín and Cabernet Sauvignon.