Since 2004 our wines are produced in new company building that is equipped with top technology.

But in spite of most progressive equipment the professional wine production is not an easy process. Not only that the employees need to be able to operate all equipment, they must be also experts in biotechnology and microbiology to be able to choose suitable way of processing the grapes.

Of course they have to have sense for wine in every stage of production. White grapes are processed with great attention. First of all they are destemmed and carefully pressed. Then there comes clarification of must followed by controlled fermentation.

Wine is placed in stainless-steel containers under low temperature in order to keep aromas and bouquet substances typical for northern wine region which Slovakia is part of.

Red wines are also destemmed and put in vinificators for controlled fermentation where not only pigment is macerated but also tannins and bouquet agents. After pressing the process of so called smalllactation fermentation begins. Subsequently wines ripen in wooden barrels.