Grape Varieties

Company Víno Mrva & Stanko offers approximately between fifteen to twenty types of wines of high quality with distinct character of variety.

Wines are produced from well-tested traditional varieties as well as from new modern varieties of the grapes that offer well-balance proportion of aroma components, sugar and acids. 

And when the production is correctly processed this influences special attributes of wines. The company prefers the following varieties:

Chardonnay – it is one of the modern varieties that is very popular amongst producers. It is suitable for production of barrique wines. It gives wines full harmonic taste with distinct variety bouquet. Wine has elegant golden-yellow colour of light shades. The taste is elegant with piquant acids and decent after-taste. It corresponds with requirements of the most sophisticated winelovers. It is very suitable for special occasions.

Cabernet Sauvignon – this famous variety is grown in our country mostly in regions with enough warmth and sunshine. Wine has dark ruby colour and very distinguish variety character. It has unusual aroma reminding violets, blackcurrants, white spices but also roasted coffee. Wine has high level of tannin. By ripening in barrique barrels as
well as in bottles

VinohradyFrankovka modrá (Blaufrankisch) – it is one of the most common varieties for production of red wines. Wine from well ripen grapes has intense red colour with blue shade. It has specific variety character and aroma of berry plants. It has distinct fruity and spicy taste with ambitious tanning agents and long, intense after-taste. For its attractive features it is suitable for special occasions.

Rizling rýnsky (Rheinriesling) – it is a traditional variety grown in Slovakia. Wine has light yellow colour, spicy full fresh taste reminding linden flowers. It has full taste with savoury acids and decent aftertaste. It is suitable for archiving.

Rizling vlašský (Welschriesling) – this is the second most common variety in Slovakia. It has nothing in common with Rizling rýnsky. Wine has green-yellow shades and distinct aroma of vine flower. Test of this wine is well balanced by flavorous acid. Even the older vintages maintain excellent quality.

Rulandské šedé (Pinot Gris)  – this variety is well known as Pinot gris but also as Burgundské sivé. It is suitable especially for production of quality wines with special attributes. Wine has light yellow colour with golden shade and rich bouquet. Its taste is very attractive, complex with distinct structure of flavorous acids with long after-taste and overall elegant nobleness.

Sauvignon – it is a variety intended for production of high quality wines. Wine has elegant greenyellow colour and unique bouquet. Aroma reminds nettle, freshly mowed grass and often there is also aroma of peaches. Due to higher level of acids this
wine maintains its freshness for many years.

Tramín červený (Gewurztraminer) – it is a very rare variety that gives the wine an unusual bouquet, high content of extractive components and alcohol. Wine has golden colour, wonderful aroma of bramble rose, honeycomb and nectar. It has delicious taste with sweet-spicy tones, astonishing fruity acids and excellent after-taste.