About Us

In times when society was just looking for the ways to good wine Mrva&Stanko introduced Slovak wine as a modern beverage. Wine as a picture of dynamic country that is able to offer Europe unusually variety-wise pure wine.

Wine, light as a breeze, full of youthful freshness and brightness, full of almost unknown fruit shades, with
harmonic taste and aroma. This was clear challenge to all old sorts of wines. Market took notice, people tried something new. This wine symbolized a change.

Company Víno Mrva&Stanko is with its volume of production a middle size company. Its production grew from previous 12 thousand to present 400 thousand bottles. This is the limit that the company in regard of keeping top quality cannot exceed.

Wine assortment consists exclusively from quality wines with special attributes, quality varietal wines and quality brand wines from approximately fifteen preferred varieties of grapes. 

Originality and freshness that are from the beginning so symptomatic for the company, is expressed by the logo. There is a vine leaf as a symbol of the fact the wine is determined in vineyard. Part of the logo is also a facsimile of signatures of both owners as they guarantee the top quality of their wines.